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About Us

ACJ Intro Designs introduces small to medium businesses (SME’s) to the world of digital marketing, graphic designing, web development, and video adverts. We aim to provide SMEs with economical and affordable tailored rates, allowing you to compete with larger corporates in the digital arena.

ACJ provides the highest level of talent to assist SMEs with potential business growth, assisting them with the tools to compete against larger competitors, giving them a competitive digital marketing edge.

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Our Service Objective.

With a diverse and constantly changing industry, ACJ Intro Designs would like to curve the gap between SME’s and large businesses. Developing a portfolio that will encourage businesses to improve their digital platform; with all the luxuries of the web including learning videos and blogs, ACJ is here to introduce your business model to the digital world.Our blog provides step-by-step instructions on how to start a business from scratch, at no cost or low costs. Click the blog tab for more information.


Your Goal

Your goal among others is to grow your business into an Empire. The more clients you receive, the more your business makes and the more your business makes the greater the chances of success. But how does one start on business growth if the world has moved to a more digital environment? And where do we start? We’ve got you covered!.


Our Goal

Our goal is to understand the implications of a stagnant business. Even if your business is growing, is it at the right pace for you to implement all your ideas, desires and dreams?… We dedicated to providing your business all that it needs to help you transform your business into an empire from the ground to the top, by implementing the core pillars of growth grounded in the digital age we living in, and keeping up with the ever-changing environment and nature of business and social intervention.


How do we do it?

We are constantly watching the trends and even projecting future trends and moving with the digital age through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social media movements and marketing, Design trends and Digital Marketing transformation. Understanding how to create a website that converts your visitors into clients is one of our main goals. By creating a website that is appealing, user-friendly, mobile-friendly/responsive, and providing the best content to increase conversions is the main aim. But what is the use of having a beautiful and amazing website but nobody to see it?... No worries, we have the solutions and guidance for you to achieve this goal. We can create a mass load of traffic and guide you to do so if you on a tight budget and can't afford to market at this point.

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